InstructorTechnet VN
TypeOnline Course
DateMar 17, 2015 - Mar 21, 2019
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Create and configure virtual machine settings

Configure dynamic memory, configure smart paging, configure Resource Metering, configure guest integration services, create and configure Generation 1 and 2 virtual machines, configure and use enhanced session mode, configure RemoteFX

Create and configure virtual machine storage

Create VHDs and VHDX, configure differencing drives, modify VHDs, configure pass-through disks, manage checkpoints, implement a virtual Fibre Channel adapter, configure storage Quality of Service

Create and configure virtual networks

Configure Hyper-V virtual switches, optimize network performance, configure MAC addresses; configure network isolation, configure synthetic and legacy virtual network adapters, configure NIC teaming in virtual machines

Section 1Create and Configure Virtual Machine Settings
1Create and Configure Virtual Machines Overview Free Preview

2Installing Hyper-V Free Preview

3Configure Virtual Machine Dynamic Memory Free Preview

4Create and Configure Virtual Machines Free Preview

5Configure Virtual Machine Smart Paging Free Preview

6Configure Resource Metering Free Preview

7Configure Guest Integration Services Free Preview

8Configure Enhanced Session Mode and RemoteFX Free Preview

Section 2Create and configure virtual machine storage
9Create VHDs and VHDX Free Preview

10Create Differencing Drives Free Preview

11Modify VHDs Free Preview

12Configure Pass-Through Disks Free Preview

13Manage Checkpoints Free Preview

14Implement a Virtual Fibre Channel Adapter Free Preview

15Configure Storage Quality of Service Free Preview

Section 3Create and configure virtual networks
16Configure Hyper-V Virtual Switches Free Preview

17Optimize Network Performance Free Preview

18Configure MAC Addresses Free Preview

19Configure Network Isolation Free Preview

20Configure Synthetic and Legacy Virtual Network Adapters Free Preview

21Configure NIC Teaming in Virtual Machines Free Preview

Final Quiz