InstructorTechnet VN
TypeOnline Course
DateJan 28, 2017
Student Enrolled6

Training Overview

This course explores how to configure remote management, create and configure shares, and configure print and document services.

In this course, you’ll learn how to configure WinRM for remote management, configure down-level server management, configure multi-server management, configure server core for remote management, configure windows firewall, and configure managed non-domain joined servers.

You will learn to create and configure shares, configure share permissions, configure NTFS permissions, configure offline files, configure access-based enumeration (ABE), configure volume shadow copy service (VSS), configure NTFS quotas, and create and configure work folders.

In addition, you will learn to configure enterprise print management, configure drivers, configure the easy print driver, configure printer pooling, configure print priorities, and configure printer permissions.

This course also covers the revised 70-410 exam.

Section 1Configure Servers for Remote Management
1Configure WinRM: Introduction Free Preview

2Configure WinRM: The Commands Free Preview

3Configure Down-level Server Management Free Preview

4Configure Servers for Day-to-day Management Tasks
5Configure Multi-server management
6Configure Server Core
7Configure Windows Firewall
8Managed Non-domain Joined Servers
Section 2Configure File and Share Access
9Create and Configure Shares: Creating Shares Free Preview

10Configure Share Permissions Free Preview

11Configure NTFS Permissions
12Configure Offline Files
13Configure Access-based Enumeration (ABE)
14Configure Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)
15Configure NTFS Quotas
Section 3Configure Print and Document Services
16Configure Enterprise Print Management: Terminology Free Preview

17Configure Enterprise Print Management Installing the Role Free Preview

18Configure Drivers and the Easy Print Driver
19Configure Printer Pooling
20Configure Print Priorities
21Configure Printer Permissions
Final Quiz