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DateMar 17, 2015 - Mar 21, 2019
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All knowledge about Windows Server 2016 Nano server

You probably heard about Windows Nano Server already … but what is it exactly, and how do you get started with it? What value will it bring to your environment?

Nano Server is a headless, 64-bit only deployment option for Windows Server 2016. Microsoft created this component specifically with key scenarios in mind: Nano Server was created to serve as cloud fabric and infrastructure (Hyper-V host, clustering, networking, storage) and as a deployment option for applications that are, as they call it, born in the cloud (Platform as a Service v2 and ASP.NET v5 applications).

With these videos, you can get started with Windows Nano Server, including:

  • Deployment options
  • Remote management
  • Troubleshooting 


Section 1Nano Server Overview
1What you need to know about Nano Server on Windows Server 2016 Free Preview

2Nano Server Overview Free Preview

3What is Nano Server Roles on Windows Server 2016 Free Preview

4Reasons for Nano Server Free Preview

Section 2Configuring Nano Server
5Setting Up a Nano Server on Hyper-V Free Preview

6Configure Nano Server Application Development Free Preview

7Configure Remote Server Management Tools for Nano Server Free Preview

8Configure Nano Server for Remote Management Free Preview

9Configure a cluster of Nano Server VMs Free Preview

10Configure Nano Server Emergency Management Services Free Preview

11Configure Nano Server Live Migration Free Preview

12Configure Scale-Out File Server on a Nano Server cluster Free Preview

13Configure Nano Server Remote Server Management Tools for Azure Free Preview

Section 3Managing Nano Server
14How to Add roles to Windows Nano Server Windows Server 2016 Free Preview

15Managing Nano Server with Remote Core PowerShell Free Preview

16Managing Nano Server with PowerShell DSC Free Preview

17Managing Nano Server with Server Manager Free Preview

Final Quiz