How to register and take Microsoft exam at Home

By Thai Diep (

Due to COVID-19, many testing centers have been closed but luckily, Pearsonvue has offered a way to take exam at Home. The article below shows you step by step register and take a Microsoft exam at Home.

Part 1 – Schedule exam

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select your exam branch

Step 3: Click Explorer exams

Step 4: Select your exam by technology

Or roll down to select a specific exam:

Step 5: Select your exam

Step 6: Select your country > Schedule exam

Note: Depending on your country the exam fee could be higher or cheaper

Step 7: Sign in using your Microsoft’s email or you can use Gmail with some steps below:

7.1 Click Sign-in Options

7.2 Sign in with Google

7.3 Click Next

Skip “Break free from your passwords”

Step 8: Fill in your personal information, make sure your Name is exactly the same with your identity card. Your FirstName/LastName will be also printed on your certificate later.

Put your phone number in correct format > Save & continue

Step 9: Confirm your Legal name > Accept

Step 10: Click “Go to Pearson VUE”

Step 11: Select “At my home or office” > Run pre-check

Now your system will be checked including: Microphone, Internet speed and Webcam.

System check – Successfully completed

Close this Tab and move to Step 12

Step 12. Click Next

Step 13: Agree all terms and conditions > Next

Step 14. Select exam language > Next

Step 15: Review Exam details

Step 16: Select Date and Time

Step 17: File review > Proceed to Checkout

Step 18: Agree the policies > Accept

Step 19. Add voucher or Credit card

20. Done. Now check your email and follow instruction.

Please make sure you follow all the requirements for 1,2 and 3.

Part 2 – Begin exam

Step 1: Login to link > Begin exam

Note: the below steps is copied from

Step 2: Begin Exam

Step 3: Copy Access Code and Download and install software

Step4: Follow Instructions to complete the identification

Take your identity card: Front and Back

Take your Workspace: Front, Behind, Left and Right

During the test, there will be a Chat/Whiteboard and Recording video.


So we have go through all the steps to register for the exam and during the exam. If you want to register for AWS exam, please click HERE.

Good luck and kindly comment below if you have any questions.