Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics


In this topic we will learn:

●What is Azure Synapse Analytics ● How Azure Synapse Analytics work ● When to use Azure Synapse Analytics


What is Azure Synapse Analytics ? Azure Synapse Analytics is an integrated analytics platform, which combines data warehousing, big data analytics, data integration, and visualization into a single environment. Azure Synapse Analytics empowers users of all abilities to gain access and quick insights across all of their data, enabling a whole new level of performance and scale.

Azure Synapse Analytics help us to answer the below questions:


“What is happening in my business?”

The data to answer this question is typically answered through the creation of a data Darehouse. Azure Synapse Analytics leverages the dedicated SQL pool capability that enables you to create a persisted data warehouse to perform this type of analysis. You can also make use of the serverless SQL pool to prepare data from files stored in a data lake to create a data warehouse interactively.


“Why is it happening?”

This may involve exploring information that already exists in a data warehouse, but typically involves a wider search of your data estate to find more data to support this type of analysis. You can use the same serverless SQL pool capability within Azure Synapse Analytics that enables you to interactively explore data within a data lake. Serverless SQL pools can quickly enable a user to search for additional data that may help them to understand “Why is it happening?”


What is likely to happen in the future based on previous trends and patterns?

By using its integrated Apache Spark engine. Azure Synapse Spark pools can be used with other services such as Azure Machine Learning Services, or Azure Databricks.

Azure Synapse SQL is a distributed query system that enables you to implement data warehousing and data virtualization scenarios using standard T-SQL experiences familiar to data engineers. Synapse SQL offers both serverless and dedicated resource models to work with both descriptive and diagnostic analytical scenarios. For predictable performance and cost, create dedicated SQL pools to reserve processing power for data stored in SQL tables. For unplanned or ad-hoc workloads, use the always-available, serverless SQL endpoint.


Azure Synapse Pipelines Azure Synapse Pipelines leverages the capabilities of Azure Data Factory and is the cloud-based ETL and data integration service that allows you to create data-driven workflows for orchestrating data movement and transforming data at scale. Using Azure Synapse Pipelines, you can create and schedule data-driven workflows (called pipelines) that can ingest data from disparate data stores. You can build complex ETL processes that transform data visually with data flows or by using compute services such as Azure Databricks.

 Azure Synapse Link

Azure Synapse Analytics enables you to reach out to operational data using Azure Synapse Link, and is achieved without impacting the performance of the transactional data store. For this to happen, you have to enable the feature within both Azure Synapse Analytics, and within the data store to which Azure Synapse Analytics will connect, such as Azure Cosmos DB. In the case of Azure Cosmos DB, this will create an analytical data store. As data changes in the transactional system, the changed data is fed to the analytical store in a Column store format from which Azure Synapse Link can query with no disruption to the source system.


When to use Azure Synapse Analytics

Across all organizations and industries, the common use cases for Azure Synapse Analytics are identified by the need for:

Modern data warehousing This involves the ability to integrate all data, including big data, to reason over data for analytics and reporting purposes from a descriptive analytics perspective, independent of its location or structure.

Advanced analytics Enables organizations to perform predictive analytics using both the native features of Azure Synapse Analytics, and integrating with other technologies such as Azure Databricks.


Data exploration and discovery The serverless SQL pool functionality provided by Azure Synapse Analytics enables Data Analysts, Data Engineers and Data Scientist alike to explore the data within your data estate. This capability supports data discovery,diagnostic analytics, and exploratory data analysis.

Real time analytics

AzureSynapse Analytics can capture, store and analyze data in real-time or near-real time with features such as Azure Synapse Link, or through the integration of services such as Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Data Explorer.

Data integration Azure Synapse Pipelines enables you to ingest, prepare, model and serve the data to be used by downstream systems. This can be used by components of Azure Synapse Analytics exclusively.